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‘Multilingual Drama Festival’ begins

The ‘Multilingual Drama Festival 2079’ is scheduled to be organized by the Nepal Academy of Music and Drama from 12 to 18 Ashar this year.

In the drama festival co-organized by Arohan, Gurukul School of Theater, out of the plays received by Pragya Pratishthan from all over the country, seven plays in different languages ​​have been selected and are being prepared for staging. The drama festival will run for seven days from Sunday at Kunja Theater, Thapagaon.

In the drama festival, Lapcha Utthan Manch Ilam’s Lapcha language ‘Swarg Jaane Sidi’, Purano Ghar Samuha (Rautahat) ‘s Tharu language’ Kanan Haralata ‘, Bambule Rai Samaj (Okhaldhunga) Rai language’ Sushree Sumnima ‘, Rangbhumi Academy (Dharan)’ s Tamang language ‘ Damphula Sangyur ‘,’ Hongcha ‘in Puma language of Sumnima Theater (Lalitpur),’ Suviu Chari ‘in Limbu language of Chulachuli Rangmanch (Ilam) and’ Kutiro ‘in Karnali Khas Culture Preservation Center (Jumla) are being staged.