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12th I.E.C. Designer Runway Showcases 51 Designers’ Creations

In a dazzling display of creativity and fashion, the 12th edition of the I.E.C. Designer Runway took center stage in Kathmandu on Friday. This eagerly awaited event featured an impressive lineup of 51 designers, each showcasing their unique creations to an enthusiastic audience.

Hosted by the I.E.C. College of Art and Fashion, this runway extravaganza was a testament to the growing fashion industry in Nepal. What made this edition even more special was that a significant portion of the designs were crafted by final-year students of the I.E.C. College.

The runway show was divided into 11 distinct themes, allowing designers, including the final-year students, to present their creations in a captivating and thematic manner. From traditional to avant-garde, the runway featured a rich tapestry of styles, reflecting the depth of talent in the Nepali fashion scene.