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17 years in Boutique Industry: Paru Bhattarai

Parul Creation

Paru Bhattarai is a well-known name in the boutique industry. Struggling and spending more than 17 years in the boutique industry she has been currently running her own Parul Creation. Struggling from Delhi, India, and creating her market in Nepal now her product are been in demand in Foreign land as well. Below are some questions we have done with Paru.

Paru Bhattarai(Parul Creation)

How long have you been engaged in this business?

Well, I need to mention that Parul Creation is just a few years old however if I have to talk about my experience in this field it has been more than 17 years. well, I initiated it when I was in Delhi. It is a small business now but I’m looking forward to extending it in the days to come.

How have you targeted the market during Dashain?

The workload is enormous these days as festivals are near & the demand is high. In fact, I have engaged my staff in nightshift as well

Sobha Budha

Would you like to share your struggle story?

The journey was not Easy. I had to face many obstacles in the beginning just because of language issues. But later I had my own shop in Delhi.

Bipasha Subedi

How do you source fabric for your clothing?

Generally, I import them from India & sometimes from the wholesalers in the local market. The quality of the material I used depends upon how the customer wants it to be & on the budget plan.

Rekha Bhandari

How do you keep updated with the trend?

Normally my customer brings what kind of design they prefer. If I have to do it on my own I do it looking after what suits them best & the fabric they go after. I’m active on social media platforms which makes it easier to acknowledge the ongoing trend.

Anjali Rai

Who are your targeted customers?

my targeted customer is both residing inside & outside Nepal.

Maya Shrestha

The price range of your clothing?

It depends on the dress, design & fabric the customer chooses to wear. Sometimes I too suggest them depending on their budget. The Price ranges between 5k-50k Previously we were at Samakhushi & currently, we are located at Itum bahal. My customer is often loyal & they return back.

Richa Maharjan

Checkout Some Beautiful Design By Parul Creation: