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A Dream of Caterpillar to Fly High Being a Butterfly : Aaina Jhyal Ko Putali

‘Aaina Jhyal Ko Putali’(Butterfly On a Windowpane) is the butterfly whose life is turned upside down without being able to fly. A caterpillar turns to butterfly but could not fly. The movie portrays our childhood in the 90s in such a way that you feel like you are walking back to your own childhood. The story of the movie and the fluency of the movie is presented so well that in the one-and-a-half-hour movie you are not diverted anywhere.

The 90s are presented in such a way that no mistake can be found in the movie. The children who grew up in the environment of a village house in the 90’s and the lifestyle of that time, the life of the people at that time have been presented in a good way in the movie. The cheeky nature of the brother and the mature behavior of the sister are also well depicted. The love between brother and sister, daughter’s desire to read more is presented with RARMO. The movie is about this butterfly that is about to fly. Here Butterfly is the daughter who dreams of flying hire. The whole movie revolves around these things.