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A Food Walk to Remember

Basantapur Durbar Square is one of the most happening places in Kathmandu and is a go-to place for every youngster. The area is also a hub for numerous local street foods. In our quest to find the most popular street food in the Basantapur area, we went through its alleys and streets to provide you with suggestions of some of the most famous food items found in the locality.

Let’s start with The Guchha Momo. The Guchha Momo and Café is located near the Mahadev Parvati Temple at Gangalal Marg. This is one of the oldest momo joints in Basantapur, and also one of the most delicious. You can find the café towards your right when you’re just about to enter the Basantapur Durbar Square following Gangalal Marg. The size of the momo here is a bit smaller than average, almost the size of a big marble ball (Guchcha) hence the name Guchcha Momo.

A few blocks up from the Guchha Momo and café, just behind the Kastamandap temple, you’ll find small outlets of barbeque and fried lungs (Fokso). For just Rs 100, you can savor a decent amount of fried goat lungs, one of the most loved Newari delicacy. There is almost always a queue here, so you might have to wait for some time before you can enjoy the famous fokso, but the wait is definitely worth it.

From Basantapur Durbar Square, we headed towards Jhochhen, popularly known as the Freak Street, where we found a local shop selling bara, a small donut-shaped patty made from Mung. It has a soft interior and a crispy exterior and is golden brown in color.

From Freak Street, we headed towards the roundabout of New Road. We found a tasty chat shop just opposite the Peanuts building at Dharma Path Road. You’ll find varieties of chat and other Indian street food there.

Tip Top Samosa is another unforgettable name in the vicinity. This is one of the oldest snack shops in New Road and is a must-visit place in the area. You can find their signature snack samosa, kachauri, and other sweet items.

After all the toil around the area, we were tired and are scorched by the heat, and we found our refuge in chilled delicious flavored sodas at the Soda Shop of Ranjana Galli. This is one of the most popular places for sodas in the area, and in entire Kathmandu as well. You can find different types of lemonade and cola drinks at the place to quench your thirst.