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A Journey in Journalism: The Life and Passion of Ashwini Sitaula

As the morning light spills through the curtains, Ashwini Sitaula steps towards the mirror, greeted by a resonant voice that declares, “Hello, Ashwini, news anchor.” A prominent figure on Kantipur Television, one of the nation’s leading news broadcasters, Ashwini’s presence graces screens across the nation. A fervent passion for journalism ignited her path, kindled by completing a master’s degree in the field. Remarkably, Ashwini’s odyssey in journalism commenced at 18, a testament to her unwavering dedication and determination.

Forging a Career Path: Unveiling the Tapestry of Experiences

Ashwini’s career trajectory is a vibrant tapestry woven with diverse experiences that have finely honed her journalistic skills. The journey embarked with three enlightening years at ABC TV, where she took on the roles of a news anchor and reporter. This was followed by a year at Dekhapadi Multimedia, where Ashwini seamlessly transitioned into the roles of anchor and producer. The journey continued with a year at News 24 as a news anchor before finding her current abode at KTV, where her passionate anchoring has flourished for 1.5 years.

Empowering Beyond the Newsroom: Inspiring Minds and Musical Interludes

Beyond the confines of the newsroom, Ashwini is a sought-after figure, frequently beckoned by colleges and diverse organizations to host programs and deliver compelling lectures. Her focus primarily centers on women-related topics, sharing her own inspiring journey as a beacon of empowerment. Music, too, resides in the core of Ashwini’s heart, as she has dedicated four years to the pursuit of classical music training.

Life’s Kaleidoscope: Capturing Moments and Making a Difference

While the pursuit of news remains a cornerstone of Ashwini’s life, she is an ardent explorer of new places, capturing the world’s moments through her camera lens. Engaging with people and extending a helping hand to resolve their issues is another facet of her multifaceted personality. Her passion for journalism seamlessly intertwines with her love for life’s diverse experiences, creating a symphony of purpose and meaning.

In journalism, Ashwini Sitaula stands not only as a news anchor but as a torchbearer of empowerment, a connoisseur of music, and a seeker of life’s profound encounters. Her journey continues to inspire, enlighten, and enrich both the field of journalism and the lives she touches.