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A medical campus comedy-drama: Doctor G

Ayushmann Khurrana is a versatile actor in Bollywood. The movie ‘Doctor Ji’ starring him is very popular now. Along with him, actress Rakulpreet Singh is also acting in the movie. Actor Khurana, who always prefers to play different roles, has tried to introduce something new to the audience this time too. Along with comedy, the movie carries a story with a good social message.

The story of movie is about Uday Gupta (Ayushmann Khurrana), a medical student living in Bhopal. He dreamed of becoming an orthopedist since his childhood. After completing MBBS, Uday is enrolled in PG and wants to take up orthopedics. But Uday is not in luck or because of low rank and lack of seats, he is admitted to the Gynecology department instead of Orthopaedics. This makes him very sad. On the other hand, Uday feels that this profession does not suit him. Because of this, he has to bear a lot of shame. He lived with his brother in Bhopal.

Uday has to face many challenges during his training as a gynecologist. This is where the fun in the story comes from. Will Uday himself accept to be a gynecologist? Is it difficult for him to understand women’s points of view? The movie ‘Doctor Ji’ is a combination of all these things.

The movie is directed by Anubhuti Kashyap. The director’s work in the movie looks excellent. Anurag Kashyap’s sister Anubhuti Kashyap has shown social issues on the screen in a new way through this comedy-drama film.

The story of the movie portrays the thinking of society; It is said that society decides what men and women should do and what not to do. How come people prefer female gynecologists over male gynecologists? He has tried to destroy this concept which has been going on for years, from the thinking of common people. The story of the movie is unique. Everything flowed according to the story.

Actor Ayushmann Khurrana has proved that he is a good actor every time. No one can compete with his acting in movies. Similarly, the audience has always loved Ayushmann for such a character. Actress Rakulpreet Singh’s performance is better than in other movies. Similarly, another actor Sefali Shah’s performance is also strong. Every time he appears in a movie, the audience finds something new in his acting. Similarly, Siva Chadha, who played the role of Ayushmann’s mother, has a strong character. Some of the dialogue in the movie is really good.