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A star kid’s Bollywood debut

A new generation is arriving in Bollywood lately. Where star kids are also increasingly coming to the screen. She is on the same list, Sara Ali Khan. She made her debut in December 2018 through Kedarnath.

Sara, the daughter of actor Saif Ali Khan and actress Amrita Singh, has established herself in Bollywood. Sarah was also noticed because of her fresh face. She spread the magic of acting through her debut film ‘Kedarnath’ and also got a notice in the second film ‘Simba’. But, how did she get the film in Bollywood? Many may not know this.

Many have speculated that she was not embarrassed to make her debut as she is Saif’s daughter. But, her debut story is a bit different. Sarah has brought herself to Bollywood through her own hard work.

In an interview, Rohit has revealed how she got the film Simba. ‘One day Sarah’s phone rang and she asked to see me. And I called her to the office, ‘said Rohit, recalling his first meeting with Sara.’ She asked me to give her a chance at Bollywood.

Rohit clarified that the film was not given to her at the request of Saif or Amrita. Both Saif and Amrita did not say anything about Sara’s case. “She has talent, she’s established,” he said, praising Sarah. Emerging at the end of 2018, Sara has already shown her magic in Bollywood.