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A story of Hunter: Dui Nambari

Two best friends Chiring (Dayahang Rai), Himal (Saugat Mall) always prefer to hunt animals. This is the story of two hunters – the movie ‘Dui Nambari’. Both kill wild animals and sell them for their own livelihood. In the movie, there is also a guru who teaches Chiring Himal how to shoot a gun. A plane crash has been made the main subject of Chaltrich in the movie shot in Lwang village of Pokhara. Based on that accident, Bhutanese citizen Ugen Choden appears in the movie. Since the beginning, Bali (Upasana Singh Thakuri) has been shown as Himal’s lover.

The story of the movie is based on the illegal hunting of wild animals. In the middle of the movie, Chhiring starts a wildlife rescue campaign, but he cannot leave his profession because of the need for money for Himal. Himal’s father is also a hunter. How Chiring helps Himal to stop poaching is also the main theme of the movie. The movie also talks about what kind of events Himal has to face due to greed for money.

On the one hand Himal and Chiring’s friendship, on the other Himal’s determination to fulfill the needs of his girlfriend. Due to the destruction of wild animals, the mountains have to lose their dearest brother. This is a combination of things – the movie is number two. Director Dipendra Lama, who is adept at making films on social narratives like ‘Ghampani’, ‘Gopi’, ‘And Chha Maya Chhapakkai’, has bet on his directorial skills with the film ‘Dui Nambari’. He has taken up a good theme of wildlife conservation in the movie.

Actor Dayahang Rai’s performance in the movie is not very new. He has not yet broken out of the old style of acting. Sougat Malla is improving his acting skills. The audience definitely likes his speaking style in movies. Actor Buddhi Tamang is the main character of the movie. Tamang is very well suited to the role of provoking and corrupting people.

Actress Upasana Singh Thakuri and Bhutanese citizen Ugen Choden’s acting is fine. Sushma Niraula, who is seen in the role of a police officer, has done a good job. His role also reveals a lot in the story of the movie. Overall, the movie tries to convey the message that wildlife should not be killed. After watching the movie, it seems that the director has tried to make the story of the movie unique on the one hand and on the other hand has not paid much attention to the roles of the actors.

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