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A symbol of rites and culture: Khuwalung (Photo Feature)


Khuwa means river water and Lung means stone. The huge stone located in Triveni reservoir at the confluence of Dudhkoshi, Arun and Tamor rivers is held in universal belief and trust. Khuwalung is considered a symbol of culture. Khuwalung is the foundation of cultural beliefs and practices. It is a story of human civilization that has developed while following the source of the rivers that merge into Triveni with Khuwalung as a witness.

Khuwalung refers to the Kirat civilization. The Kiratis, who are considered to be worshipers of nature, consider this khuwalung as a symbol of culture. The play is not only entertainment but also a campaign to save the khuwalung. The play has also depicted the myths surrounding the Kiranti civilization and the recent politicization.


Directed by Kiran Chamling Rai, the play is written by Rajan Mukarung. Pashupati Rai, Manang Lavati, Ingihopo Koinch Sunuwar, Sanyog Guragain, Anu Thapa, Savina Thapakshetri, Pratish Gurung, Deepa Suhang Limbu, Mani Kulung Rai, Manhang Lavati, Yuvahang Rai, Vedan Rai, Savina Thapa, Sara Lohorung Rai, Roshni Syangbo, There are 30 actors including Suraj Yadav, Ramila Moktan, Vinod Prakash Dhami. The two songs used in the play are composed by Swapnil Smriti and Rajan Mukarung. The play will be staged till 14th August.

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