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ABiR to conduct ABiR Artisan Fest 2022

ABiR Artisan Fest 2022

ABiR is an startup brand. The brand formed by 5 designers and artesian has succeeded in making their work known in a short time.  ABiR is a brand that create environment friendly, sustainable and ethically conscious clothing brand. Soon after opening their showroom/studio at Bakhundole, Lalitpur.  Abir is organized and hosted the first Artisan Spring Fest in there on premises in 2021. They have also hosted many different programs within a short period of establishment.

The ABiR Artisan Fest was created with the idea of bringing together artisans, designers, artists, and local producers in a unified marketplace to create an opportunity for them to interact with potential clients and promote local Nepali products. It also aims to offer all interested local creators and producers an opportunity to showcase and sell their products while also fostering brand building, business links, and collaborations.

After the successful of their first Artisan Winter Fest on 2021 with the huge number of audience participation, ABiR is again organizing ABiR Artisan Fest 2022 on September 17 at Patan Museum, where the number of tourist and locals visit in huge numbers daily. In the fest, there will be the stalls of Cloths, Dhaka products, Knitwear, Local Pickles, Bags, Packaged food, Drinks, Snacks, Beauty Products, Thrift Stores, Artisans, Jewelry and more. The fest is also followed with Live music, Games, Food and Giveaways.