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‘Aiya Maya’: Play that explains society, politics, order, humanitarian practices with body movement.

aaiya maya_natak

In the play ‘Aiya Maya’, an attempt has been made to combine body movements, language and music as the main means of expression. The drama tries to remind people of what they are forgetting. In the drama, the mental stress and anxiety caused by the work going on in the society, its conditions and system are presented. An attempt has been made to explain society, politics, order, humanitarian practices with body movements and music rather than words. There is a story within the play, but the story does not seem to flow in one direction.

Many characters, dialogues with their gestures, scenery and acting by the actors through speech are not seen much in this play, but the emotionless acting done by the actors in the play is certainly special. The dialogue in the play does not seem contrived. The audience feels that this is their own story. The stage cover, the props given lightly in the play and its dialogue certainly have a lot of meaning. The character who is under mental stress due to being entangled in many things acts as a symbol of the society and the system running there in the play.

Love, happiness, convenience, education, justice, all these things are needed by human beings. Human spreading their happiness in these things. People don’t just want to be part of it, they want others to join it for their power and strength. They have to face some easy and some difficult things in this journey. Despite their family, they feels alone. These are the questions raised in the play.

The play tries to show that the expression of a person is not only his music, but there whole body is a powerful means of expression. There are few characters in the play but their acting is felt to be carrying the weight of the entire human society. The music of the play gives a lot of joy. The red color given to rivers, ropes and books indicates the passion reflected in people. Stools used for drama within the stage have the same meaning. The drama shows that a lot can be expressed with less dialogue.

Director Sudam CK has tried to introduce different flavors in the play. In many places, he has been successful and in some places his failure is visible. Actor’s performance is not new. Everyone has tried to show their acting weight. Presented by Katha Ghera, the drama features Akash Nepali, Ayan Khadka, Pavitra Rai, Sarita Kathayat, Shishir Sivakoti and Mukti. Shivraj Joshi and Sharmila Gurung have composed music for the play.