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‘Akashe Kheti’ to be Released on March 11

The release date has been announced along with the first look of the movie ‘Akashe Kheti’. The production team has informed us that the movie will be released on March 11.

The film is directed by Uday Subba. The film stars Gaurav Pahari, Wilson Vikram Rai, Buddhi Tamang, Nita Dhungana, Rabindra Jha, Rama Limbu, Jayananda Lama, and Shishir Bangdel in the lead roles. The main actors are also seen in the first look of the movie.
The film deals with the issue of Tibetan refugees. The director Subba also said that the film tries to show the dream story of the youth who earn money without any effort. Produced by Kedar Upreti, Jeevan Subba, Rajendra Chongwang, and Dil Prakash Yakso, the film features the story of Uday, a dialogue by Wilson Vikram Rai.

Produced under the joint banner of SS International Films and Takme Productions, the film has been shot by Vikram DC, edited by Sujan Badal, and directed by Raju Kirati. The film features dance by Ramji Lamichhane and Rajiv and music by Vikas Chaudhary and Badal Limbu.