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Alia tackles domestic violence in ‘Darlings’

Alia Bhatt starrer movie ‘Darlings’ has been released on Netflix. Every actor’s performance in the movie is excellent. Apart from Alia, the best actors like Vijay Barma, Roshan Mathew and Sefali Shah are seen in the lead roles. The story of the movie is based on domestic violence, where a husband tortures his wife on a daily basis. Alia has also become a producer from this movie.

The story of the movie revolves around Badru (Alia Bhatt) and her husband Hamza (Vijay Burma) living in Mumbai’s Chaul. Both have a love marriage. Badru’s mother Rukhsar (Sefali Shah) lives nearby her own daughter’s house. Hamza, who works as a ticket clerk in a railway company, is asked by his boss to clean toilets instead of selling tickets. In fact, he makes her clean the toilet on a daily basis. Hamza always has a habit of drinking alcohol and beating his wife Badru on some pretext. One day while eating, he finds a stone in the food and beats his wife on the same pretext. Hamza has a tendency to fight at night and apologize to his wife the next day. However, Badru is sure that Hamza will recover one day.

Meanwhile, seeing Hamza’s misbehavior, one day Zulfi (Roshan Mathew), who buys and sells goods to both the mother and daughter, files a complaint with the police about Hamza, but Badru withdraws the complaint from the police because of Hamza’s love story. Meanwhile, Badru gets pregnant and Hamza promises to quit drinking, but later when Hamza finds out who filed a police complaint against him, the story of the movie takes a different turn. The main theme of the movie is whether Badru gets a child or not and how Hamza reacts to the fact that he complains about her to the police.

Badru, who is shocked by Hamza’s behavior, decides to teach him a lesson. Mother Rukhsar is supporting him in all his work. The story is about the extent to which mother and daughter go to teach Hamza a lesson.

Alia’s performance in the movie is excellent. Similarly, for Vijay Barma, this movie can prove to be the best of his career. Sefali Shah has also done justice to her character. There is some imperfection in the character of Qasim (Rajesh Sharma), who plays the role of a butcher. Similarly, we should not forget Roshan Mathew’s performance.

This is the first debut movie of director Jasmeet K Ren. He wrote the story of the movie along with Parvez Seikh. He has mastered the dark comedy story very well on screen. The acting of Sefali Shah and Alia Bhatt has raised the film. Be it touching scenes or difficult scenes, the director has used the acting of both of them in the right way in the movie.