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An affair of a lonely father after an age: Mahapurush

The movie ‘Mahapurush’, based on the story of a single father, shows how society makes people into heroes. The movie begins with Adarshnagar society; Where Balakrishna (Hari Bansha Acharya) is seen in the role of a retired teacher. Balakrishna, who is alone after the death of his wife, has two sons. The elder son Vidur (Ravindrasingh Baniyan) lives separately with his wife and child while the younger son Vijnyan Arun Chhetri stays with his father trying to get out.

In the movie, Vigyan decides to go abroad on a dependent visa with Pratishtha (Anjana Baraili) after finding no way to go overseas. However, Pratishta is planning to get married for real. He is ready to marry science because of his family. Pratishtha’s father (Madankrishna Shrestha) also looks ready for marriage.

Madankrishna even gave Balakrishna the title of ‘Great Man’ after learning that his Samdhis were living alone in Adarshnagar. On the other hand, Balkrishna, no matter how happy he looks from the outside, inside he is tormented by loneliness. He also has no one to talk to at home. He shares his thoughts with his pet parrot. Balakrishna meets Phoolmaya (Gauri Malla). Then the story of the movie takes a turn. A love affair begins between them. Science too is busy exchanging his love for prestige. When Vigyan learns everything about his father, the story that follows is the main theme of the movie.

Because of his father, his upcoming marriage will break up and his dream of going to Australia will also be shattered. He can’t think of what to do. He starts looking for a way to separate the two. When Balakrishna starts keeping Phulmaya with him, chaos starts in Adarshnagar.

Then the conflict begins in the story. Will Balakrishna and Phulmaya get married? How do those who live in Adarshnagar see the relationship between the two? What do you do in science now? Will you go to Australia or prepare for your father’s wedding? We get the answer to all these questions in the movie. These things are mentioned in the movie ‘Mahapurusha’.

The dialogues in the movie are good. The film revolves around actor Hari Bansha. His actions should be considered excellent. Debut actor Arun Chhetri’s performance is superb. He has bet on acting in his first movie. Actress Anjana Bareilly’s performance is nothing short of perfect. Rabindrasingh Baniyan’s performance is vital. Similarly, Gauri Malla’s character does not show much novelty. His acting proves that he is still in the old style of acting. There is nothing new in Madankrishna Shrestha’s acting either. Siru Bista’s role, which is seen in a short role, definitely leaves a mark in the audience’s mind. The movie is neither great nor bad. The screenplay of the film is ready. Throughout the film, director Bhattarai has been very successful in giving the audience a taste of both laughter and crying.