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Artists’ commitment to being a responsible voter

Chief Election Commissioner Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya has said that it is possible to say ‘No Not Again’ in a healthy way and if you see good candidates you can also say ‘Yes Once Again’.

The Election Commission said this in an unplanned interaction program with artists in Kathmandu on Monday. In the event where senior artists were present, Chief Election Commissioner Thapaliya asked the artists to help in the election and to be responsible for the election.

“Artists are jewels of the nation, common people have a special affection for artists, so even a small contribution of artists helps in the promotion of elections,” said Chief Election Commissioner Thapaliya.

He also requested the commission and the nation to assist in the promotion of the election through social media and various means.

During the program, Commissioner Thapaliya gave information about voting education, voting method, and code of conduct along with election-related interaction with Kalakars.

In the program, the queries and suggestions of the artists were taken. In the program, the artist said that the Election Commission was slow in spreading the word and even though the elections are near, they could not witness the voters. Commissioner Thapalia expressed his commitment to the commission to interview the voters without delay.

In the program, the artists expressed their commitment to be responsible voters and ask the general public to give their precious vote in the election.