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Bhuvan seen in music video after a long time

Actor Bhuvan KC is the first model in Nepali music video. Bhuvan had acted in the video directed by Shambhujit Banskota for the first time. Similarly, Bhuvan has also modeled in videos of some hit songs.

After a long time, the actor KC has modeled in the video of the fast version of the song ‘Samjhini Pani Chamkini’. Actor KC said that he did not work in many videos but worked only in songs that the audience remembers. Singer Samrat Chaulagain released the song five months ago.

After the song won the hearts of the audience, he also released a fast version of it. Apart from Bhuvan KC, director Deepashree Niraula, actor Akash Shrestha, actress Swastima Khadka, model Geeta Dhungana, singer Chaulagain, child actors Jovin Shrestha, Javis Shrestha and Asyumi Dhakal are starring in the song.

This video is directed by Vikram Swar. The video has been shot by Nawaraj Upreti and edited by Bir Bahadur Tharu.