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Born again after 20 years, Yash Kumar’s ‘Timro Man Badliyechha…’

2 decades ago, Singer Yash Kumar’s song was heating up the market. The practice of listening to songs on cassettes. At the same time, Yash Kumar’s voice became public, Timro Man Badliyechha’. There was no era of digital technology like now. However, this song won the hearts of every listener.

After two decades, the style of singing has changed. Technology has taken a new turn. However, the popularity of Timro Man Badliyechha ‘ has not changed. A new turn has come in Yash Kumar’s life. But, there is no change in the sweetness of this song. Listeners have changed, technology has changed but the song is still catchy.

Yash Kumar had shaken the heart of the audience 20 years ago by teaming up with Sapna Shree in this song. After two decades, the same Yash Kumar has brought this song to the audience in a new format. The song has lyrics and music by Yash Kumar. This time Milan Newar has supported him.

The video of the song directed by Nikesh Khadka has Sagar Lamsal ‘Bale’, Prizma and Princy Khatiwada in the lead roles. According to the meaning of the song, the video has been made in a triangular love story.

It was informed at the press conference that the song was presented in a new format as per the wishes of artist Sagar. Singer Yash said, “Sagar has a lot of offers for music videos. But, there is a need for a song that can make you happy both mentally and creatively.

Singer Yash said that they have chosen this song for the remake as it is still associated with the reality of many. He went on to say, “It’s not just me who has heard and loved this song. That is why it was so popular 20 years ago. He is still very popular. ‘He is happy to release his song in a new form, in a new technology.

‘Every creator wants his creation to survive even if he is not. It’s a creation that keeps me safe, “he said. Artist Sagar said that he was very happy to work on the video of the song that he has been humming since childhood. “I have been a fan of this song since I was a child. I have been thinking of working on this song since I became an artist, ”said Sagar. Prizma-Princy said that they did not think that they would be able to act in Yash Kumar’s song and that they were very happy to work. The video of the song shot by Buddha Thapa has been edited by Vikas Dhamala.

The video of this song has been directed by Nikesh Khadka. Nikesh weaves a great story in a video of a great song remade 20 years later. In this sense, the protagonist of this video is Nikesh. Nikesh has woven the video in film style. In the story of betrayal in love, he has moved the scene forward.