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Change Your Taste With Chicken Momo Platter and The Grilled Chicken Of Durbar View

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Durbar View Restaurant is the confluence of the panoramic view of Basantapur Dabli and the
Durbar area. Durbar View Restaurant is not only a place to see but also a place to serve
delicious food. The budget friendly menu at Durbar View is always ready to provide sweet
food and good service. Today we are talking on the two-signature dish which is the specialty
of Durbar View Restaurant.

Chicken Momo Platter and The Grilled Chicken

For a couple or a gathering of two, the café serves an ideal combo of Chicken Momo Platter
and Grilled Chicken that fulfills your sense of taste and tops off your ravenous stomach. On
the off chance that you are ‘Wanna have it all’ sort of individual, Chicken MoMo platter is
unquestionably worth adding to your food bucket list. The dynamic assortment of Classic
Steam, crunchy fried, Fiery ‘C’ and crispy Kothe dunked into flavorful simmered soya bean
pickle will take your taste bud leap with bliss. The quality chicken mince loading up with
delicate flavoring mitigates your taste bud and when dunked into a searing hot stew glue and
Roasted soya bean pickle, it hits you hard causing you to desire increasingly more of it. The
delicate and delicious chicken barbecued meat arrives in a set with mushroom buttered rice,
steamed sound vegetables and non-sleek fries which is satisfying, both for your taste and
wellbeing. The flavor of mushroom buttered rice is gentle and exquisite and goes
consummately with the barbecued chicken. The vegetable has a sweet and pungent taste
which is mitigating and an extraordinary joy to your tongue. For any exceptional event or
impending New year this could be the absolute best spot and food to get to know one another
with your friends and family.