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Covid’s third wave hit the film industry again

Film industry hit by covod angain

The rise of the third wave of Covid has also affected the film industry. The film industry is in deep crisis as the government has banned more than 25 people from crowding public places to control the covid. The third wave of Covid has had a complete impact not only in Nepal but also in India. In the Indian cinema arena too, many films in the release date pipeline have been moved indefinitely.

In Nepal, the movie market, which was stopped for some time due to the release of Kathputali and Chapali Height 3, which was released a few weeks ago, was resuming, but the Covid third wave has made the cinema industry a failure again.

On the third day of its release, Chapali Height 3 has closed and moved the release date again. Similarly, many films in the pipeline have moved their release dates indefinitely.

After a long time, Hollywood and Bollywood movies were still occupying the cinema hall. Nepali films were waiting for the release date to be shifted after international films got first priority. Similarly, many films were awaiting release due to the rule of film organizations that were not allowed to release another film within a week of one’s release.

The release date of director Sudarshan Thapa’s movie “Ma Yesto Geet Gauchhu 2” and director and producer Santosh Sen’s movie Prem Geet 3 has also been postponed indefinitely. Not only the movie that is about to be released but also the precious KC that is in the shooting X9 has also been postponed