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Dark Lips? Try These Home Remedies

Kabita Ojha Sigdel/Aroma Hair and Beauty Salon

Everyone wants their lips to look good. But many people are spoiling the beauty of their lips due to their own bad habits. Smoking is a major cause of dark lips. Apart from that, lack of water in the body, use of various medicines, medical issues, stress, etc. are also the reasons that cause lips to become darker.

Like skin tone, lip color can vary from person to person. No shade of skin on the lips is healthier than any other. In some cases, a change in the color or condition of the lips could indicate that the lips need more care. However, it is rarely a cause for concern.

Keeping The Lips Healthy

The skin of the lips is thinner than that of many other parts of the body. The lips do not have sweat glands or the protection of hair, so they can dry out quickly.

Dry skin on the lips can make them look duller than usual. Regularly moisturizing and staying hydrated can help keep the lips healthy.

The skin on the lips is very sensitive. It is vulnerable to the effects of sun, smoking, and the use of cosmetic products.

Always put sun protection on the lips, as well as on the face, to protect the lips from burning.

Taking makeup off at the end of the day can help protect the skin. Also, quitting smoking can help improve the appearance of skin as well as improve overall health.

We can make our lips better and healthier by using these home remedies at home

·      Soak the rice in water for 1 hour and grind the soaked rice in the mixture and keep the paste in the fridge to make ice cubes.

·      Massage the ice cubes made from rice paste on the lips for 3 minutes and wipe it off.

·      Then massage the lips with honey and lemon for 3 minutes.

·      And finally massage with milk or curd and apply sunblock.

·      Use this method up to 3 times a week.