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Debate Heating Bollywood

Debate heating Bollywood

American author Tom Clancy says, “I believe that sex is the most beautiful, natural and best pleasure in the world that money can buy.” In this context, many producers and directors around the world have been attracted to erotic and porn by the opportunity to earn money. The empire of porn movies, which began in the late 60s, has spread to most parts of the world. According to Bollywood reports, there is a large group of Indian viewers watching paid sex, sex comedy, or erotic thrillers. There are also filmmakers in Bollywood who are very interested in making erotic films. It has names ranging from Rangita Nandi to Ekta Kapoor, who has been called the queen of Bollywood for making erotic films.

There was a time when the Indian Censor board would unhesitatingly accept the bold scenes in Raj Kapoor’s films. Director’s films like Chopra’s were prevented from being screened. Who was hot in Bollywood?

The 1980s saw a flood of C-grade movies in Bollywood. In which bold scenes were excessive. Some of such films were foreign and some were indigenous. Even if the Indian Censor Board cut such scenes, the theaters would show them again. In the wiggle room of the three piracies, the audience used to buy such movies in the hall. Because it was not possible to watch such films at home with the family. However, in this age of the internet and smartphones, anyone can watch porn and erotic movies anywhere. The business of such films has reached billions as they can be viewed on mobile through apps.

Corona’s lockdown has benefited India’s erotic filmmakers. Erotic movies and web series can be easily viewed through the app. Since erotic movies are based on stories, viewers can watch them with interest. As it is a mixture of action, comedy, and romantic spice, the viewer does not know when this habit of watching can become addictive.