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Durgesh’s ‘Teej Song’ in controversy again

Singer Durgesh Thapa has once again been dragged into controversy due to his song. Whether it was by making public the song of ‘Happy Tihar, Chiso Beer’ or by wearing a sari in ‘Bicha Bicha-3’, they were dragged into controversy. Police had even arrested him saying that the song ‘Happy Tihar, Chiso Beer’ had damaged social tolerance. This time, he has been dragged into controversy with ‘Bicha bichama-4’, which was made public targeting Teej.

The National Folk and Duet Song Academy Nepal have objected to the word used in ‘Bicha bichma-4’ which was made public on YouTube six days ago. Earlier, when the promo of the song was made public, the foundation had written a letter to Durgesh. The distortion/inconsistency reduction committee of the organization had also drawn attention to change the word ‘Khayas Putali’ used in the song.

Listeners also comment that such songs have attacked Teej’s culture. There has also been a demand on social media to ban Durgesh’s song.

The foundation has been saying that they will not bring such songs and if they ignore the request, they will boycott through the organization.

The foundation had drawn the attention of singer Thapa after receiving information that he was preparing to bring the song. The foundation had sent a letter to Durgesh on July 22.

The letter was signed by Ramesh BG, chairman of the foundation, and Shiva Hamal, coordinator of the distortion and inconsistency reduction committee of the foundation. However, Durgesh has made the song public ignoring the letter of the foundation.