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Dzonga Warms you in Cool Ghunsa

Ghunsa is a beautiful village in eastern Nepal. Ghunsa in Faktalung village of Taplejung area in the east is full of views and climate of beautiful Himal. Located on the way to the Kanchenjunga base camp, the Ghunsa area is a well-equipped village before reaching the base camp. There are well-equipped hotels and guest houses along with dense settlements in the Ghunsa area.

Ghunsa can be reached after a day’s drive and a two-day walk from Taplejung. A house made of wood and stone and its environment can attract anyone’s heart. Ghunsa at an altitude of 3475 m is covered with snow as winter approaches. Hotels and tourist businesses in Ghunsa are always ready to welcome tourists in all seasons. Ghunsa is a great place for a trekking route. It will take two days to reach the place where the vehicle can be found from Ghunsa. There is also a health post in this area. Electric light is also a good feature.

After traveling by jeep from Taplejung to Lelep, one can reach Sekathung on the first day and reach Gyabla on the second and Ghunsa on the Third day.

If you are going to Ghunsa, Dzonga Family House is always ready to welcome you with good facilities, sweet food. Dzonga Family House is a well-equipped hotel in Rural. The hotel which is been run by Tshering Tashi Sherpa and his family together is ready to offer special treats and good facilities.

Sherpa, who has been working in the hospitality field abroad for 10-12 years, has run the Dzonga Family House on the basis of returning to his home country. He started this family house about a year ago. It is not only the hotel over herein, other hotels and guest houses are also there in the Ghunsa area.

The hotel is made of stone and wood and is attractive to look at. Even in such a rural area, all the rooms have attached bathrooms. There is also a hot water facility for bathing.

Sherpa says the Dzonga Family House is built in an eco-friendly environment. Tourists visiting Kanchanjunga are offered local food as well as Western food. Not all foreign tourists are looking for locals. He says I have a good knowledge of the tastes of foreigners, and accordingly, I make Western food. Western food also includes pizza, pasta, muffins, and bakery items. Coils and wooden heaters have been installed in the hotel’s restaurant area to keep warm. There is also a campfire and music facility to entertain the tourists at night. Tourists who are tired after reaching the base camp return from here having a lot of fun.

Sherpa says the trekking routes need to be further streamlined to develop the Ghunsa area and increase tourism here. There has been talking of connecting roads to Ghunsa along with development, but connecting roads does not support Ghunsa’s tourism. The more priority you give to trekking, the more you will benefit from tourism. He further added that trekking should be made more systematic than road network.

Dzonga Family House

Faktalung VDC, Taplejung

Cn: 9869317616