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“Ensuring the satisfaction of clients is an essential part of our profession.”

Laxmee Thakur,


Laxmee Hair & Beauty Studio

In pursuit of providing excellent hair care and beauty services, Laxmee Thakur has been operating Laxmee Hair & Beauty Studio. The salon which offers various high-class services has been operating outlets in different locations of the Kathmandu valley. 

Laxmee Thakur
Laxmee Thakur

Thakur, who has worked extensively in the beauty and personal care services business since 2000, recently opened the new outlet of Laxmee Hair & Beauty Studio at the Bhatbhateni Superstore, Kalanki. With the addition, the studio now has four outlets along with branches at Maharajgunj, Pulchowk, and Koteshwor. 

We interviewed Mr. Thakur at his newly opened Kalanki branch and talked to him about his professional journey, the latest trends in hairstyling and beauty services, and some tips for personal care. 

Please tell us about yourself. 

I am a passionate hairdresser with 20+ years of experience working as a hairstylist. I was interested in personal services and eventually made my career in hairdressing. I enjoy working in a team to provide the best possible customer service. I believe my hard work, patience, discipline, and determination helped me to be where I am right now. 

What particular skillsets made you successful in your profession as a hairstylist?

My customer service skills have earned me quite a lot of business through word-of-mouth from satisfied customers. I currently have 7,000 regular customers. 95% of them are satisfied customers where word-of-mouth did a magical job with their family, friends, and relatives. In addition, my habits and strict disciplined routine have played a big role in my success. 

Man Treating Hair
Laxmee Hair & Beauty Studio

What services are offered by Laxmee Hair and Beauty Studio? 

We offer our customers a relaxed atmosphere to indulge in body treatment, facial, haircut, spa, mehendi, threading, waxing, nail art, makeup, keratin treatment, straightening/perm, hair colour and many other facilities that are tailored and designed as per the requirements of customers. Our studio is famous for its celebrity-style haircut and offers sincere makeovers to enhance your personality according to your nature and profession, giving you a completely new yet confident outlook. 

What do you aim to provide new services by opening the latest outlet?

We opened our 4th and latest Branch at Bhatbhateni Superstore, Kalanki, with an Academy, and have added new services such as microblading, eye lifting, and spa. With this, we have another 3 branches running successfully all at the Bhatbhateni Super Market respectively at Koteshwor, Krishna Galli, Pulchowk, Narayan Gopal Chowk Chakrapath open for 365days from 9 am-7 pm. 

What are the prices of a haircut? 

For Men, it’s Rs. 500, and for women, it is Rs. 750. 

How do you stay updated on current trends?

We have currently hired Mr.Chetan Joshi our hairstylist who was working in the salon industry for over 21 years, including 15 years in abroad, where is he has worked as a Senior Hairdresser in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Currently in Kathmandu Nepal at our place Laxmee Hair and Studio. We will have new techniques and coloring and haircuts for these things. We strongly believe in teamwork, and we have 60+ employees currently working at different branches where we brainstorm and learn new things together. We are already using all the high-end brands like L’oreal and GK, and we will continuously use the branded product. 

With many options available in the market, why does a customer need to visit the Laxmee Hair and Beauty Studio?

A friendly environment, exceptional attention to hygiene, high professionalism, and of course expertise and experience of the quality team makes Laxmee Hair & Beauty Studio a must-go-to place for those seeking hairstyling, hair care, and beauty services. 

Man treating hair
Laxmee Hair & Beauty Studio

What plays the most crucial role in the success of hairstylists and beauticians?

Ensuring the satisfaction of clients is an essential part of our profession. Even if I’m successful at creating attractive hairstyles and doing high-end beauty works, my main priority is how clients feel about the designs when they look at themselves in the mirror. I want them to feel confident and believe that the time and monetary investment they made was worthwhile. Seeing the smiles on their faces when I’m finished is a highlight of my job. 

What are some of your tips for hair care? 

Choosing the right kind of shampoo that suits your hair is necessary. Chose hair products wisely. Don’t wash your hair regularly. Trim the split ends of hair. Keratin treatment helps to recover damaged hair. Also important are to have good sleep, healthy diets, and work out. 

Rahisha Tamrakar