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Exploring the Depths of Human Psyche: A Review of ‘Kaal’ – A Play on Death and the Time Cycle


The play ‘Kaal’ centered around the theme of economic downturn and its impact on human life, presenting the psychological effects of impending death and the passage of time. The play skillfully attempts to touch both sides of this spectrum, portraying a social narrative where each viewer can find a reflection of themselves within the play.

The opening scenes of the play depict the character’s demise, followed by a sudden revival, leaving the audience in suspense and setting the stage for the unfolding drama of ‘Kaal.’ Initially, the play introduces characters like a journalist and a lawyer who venture into acting, adding a touch of humor and satire. As ‘Kaal’ progresses, it delves into the harsh realities of society and life, tackling the subject of suicide in various forms.

The character Ananda Nivas, portrayed by Sunil Pokharel, is appointed to learn the methods of suicide, offering a monthly salary of 50,000 rupees and an advance of up to five lakhs. However, despite numerous attempts, Ananda fails to induce suicide in the elderly, showcasing the play’s unique storytelling style. The play exposes the repeated attempts of the elderly to end their lives and why their suicide attempts remain unsuccessful, highlighting the pain they endure.
The dialogues between Praveen Khatiwada, representing the elderly, and Sunil Pokharel, embodying the youth, bring out the complexities of the play’s theme. The impact of Shankar Kharel’s story on ‘Kaal’ is evident, and playwright and director Ram Bajan Kamat’s contribution to the play is noteworthy. Kamat’s dual role as a writer and director adds depth to the production, revealing the challenges of juggling both roles.

The play sheds light on the emotional struggles of the elderly and the youth’s role in preventing suicides, creating a thought-provoking narrative that transcends conventional storytelling. Overall, ‘Kaal’ successfully captures the nuances of human psychology, making it a compelling exploration of life, death, and the intricate fabric of time.