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‘Film South Asia’ 71 films from eight countries will be screened from April 21

Film South Asia

The South Asian Documentaries Festival Film South Asia-2022 is scheduled to start in Lalitpur on Thursday. The 13th edition of the festival will screen 71 films from eight countries.

The theme of the festival, which will run till Sunday at the Yalmaya Center in Patandhoka, is ‘Celebrating the Documentary’. For the first time since the Corona epidemic, the festival is being organized physically.

The festival will start with the screening of the 85-minute long documentary ‘Shut Up Sona’ about Indian singer, musician, and lyricist Sona Mohapatra. Singer Sona will also be present at the inauguration.

‘Shut Up Sona’ is the story of a female artist who struggles for equal participation and rights in Indian society, which Indian society sees as a challenge. The film is directed by Deepti Gupta.

A panel discussion on the dimensions of human rights, environment, and human values ​​including social and cultural movements of South Asian countries will also be organized at the festival. In addition, award-winning Nepali documentaries will be screened at various film festivals.