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First Look of Michael Adhikari Revealed

Michael Adhikari Poster

The first look of the movie ‘Michael Adhikari’ starring actor Saugat Malla and Shrishti Shrestha has been made public. The production unit has brought out two posters of the film as a first look. In one of the two, the kharpan carried by the Saugat shows Shristi and child on one side and a lot of money on the other side. A similar poster shows the Saugat and the Shristi rejoicing in love on the bed of money.

The film produced by Nirak Poudel under the banner of Gopi Krishna Movies is directed by Ranjit Rauniyar. In the film, Saugat and Srishti will be seen as a weakened couple. The film, produced by Uddhav Poudel, stars Saugat and Srishti, along with Ashant Sharma, Anne Kunwar, Hemant Budhathoki, Vidya Karki, Sujana Dhakal and Dilip Bohara among others are seen in the movie. The film was shot in Ilam and Jhapa.