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Friday Release, Nepali Horror Movie Kathputali

The movie ‘Kathputali’ has been released on Friday under Friday release. The horror film has been screened simultaneously in cinemas across the country.

Directed by Bhimsen Lama, the film stars Gauri Malla, Mithila Sharma, Shilpa Maskey, Karma, Usha Rajak, Suvarna Thapa, and Dhruv Koirala among others. The film revolves around the original story of actor Karma, which seeks to show the mysteries that a prince has to face in a remote place due to various circumstances.

Produced by Prithvi Ranamagar and written by Sampada Malla, the film was shot by Australian cinematographer Joel Froome. The film is co-produced by Vishal Gurung, Dharma Shrestha, and Hem Thapa. The film premiered on Wednesday. The film received mixed reactions at the premiere, which was attended by filmmakers and color journalists. Some even praised the story of the film and the acting of the actor.