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Gamala Ghar: The House of Flowers and Greenery  

Known as gamala in Nepali, flowerpots are one of the primary décor items used inside and outside homes. With forests and green spaces shrinking fast in urban areas, it has become customary for people to have their bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, lobby, balcony, rooftops, and workplaces of their houses and offices decorated by various types of plants. To meet the growing demand for different types of flowerpots and vases, Gamala Ghar has started its operation to give a new meaning to the decoration of homes and other properties.

Gamala Ghar is a brainchild of Dipendra Tuladhar, who has worked for a long time on the branding of various big companies. It was his deep interest and passion in plants which pushed him to think about doing something new when all most other business activities were facing a sharp downturn due to the lockdown and the COVID-19 pandemic. Tuladhar, who has worked for branding of other businesses as an advertiser, thought that it would be worthwhile to put efforts into his own business.

Gamala Ghar is different from other flowerpot sellers. Here, not only pots but also plants from Nepal, India, and Holland are available. Apart from locally made flowerpots and vases, the company has pots made in India and China. Here you will find not only pots and plants but also counseling on what kind of plants are suitable inside the house, the kind of plants to use in the bedroom for oxygen, and the kind of plants to keep in the bathrooms. “We don’t just sell plants to our customers. We provide suggestions on keeping suitable plants in specific places of homes and the ways to take care of the plants. Not only that, we decorate houses, hotels, and restaurants,” says Tuladhar. “We provide suggestions to the customers according to their needs. Every plant has a different specialty and quality, and the plants are not only used for decoration purposes. Some plants can help patients who need oxygen supply 24 hours a day. Plants also spread positive energy in our houses.”

According to Tuladhar, not all plants are suitable for soil types found across Nepal. “If you use the soil of your garden for planting, there is a 90 percent chance that many types of plants will not survive. For that, you need a cocopeat made from coconut husk which maintains the moisture needed by the plants. Only the right mixture of cocopeat, soil, and fertilizer can give the plants a long life,” Tuladhar added.

Gamala Ghar has its outlets at Bansbari, Kathmandu, and Jwagal, Lalitpur. Especially, indoor plants and flowerpots are available at the outlets. Similarly, customers can also purchase pots and plants online. “But to get the right pot and plant in your house, and all the information about it, it is better to visit our outlets,” says Tuladhar.

According to him, he is planning to expand Gamala Ghar outside the Kathmandu valley.

Tuladhar says that the demand for indoor plants is high. “The plants sold by Gamala Ghar are in big demand not only in Kathmandu but also in cities like Pokhara and Dharan.

Besides indoor plants and decoration, Gamala Ghar also provides landscape and terrace gardening services.

Tuladhar informs that the price of flowerpots and plants ranges from Rs 100 to Rs 4,000.

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