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Get a discount of up to Rs 300 when paying through Esewa in Foodmandu

Up to Rs, 300 discounts are available on the online food delivery platform Foodmandu. Foodmandu and Mobile Wallet Esewa have collaborated on discounts. With this understanding, Foodmandu users will be able to pay for orders through Esewa. An agreement has been reached between Foodmandu and Esewa to provide payment services during a program.

With the agreement, Esewa users will get more benefits and Foodmandu users will be able to use additional payment methods. Shyamaratna Mali, Brand, Sales, and Marketing Manager of the company, said that the availability of Esewa will further facilitate the growing interest of customers in online payments among the orders placed in Foodmandu.

“We now have more than 30 percent online payments and we expect to see an increase in connectivity to Esewa, which has a large network,” he said. This will make it easier for customers to pay when ordering food. ‘Customers on Esewa’s extensive network will be able to easily order food from Foodmandu, Mali said.

Ashish Prasai, Business Development Head, ISEWA, said that the increasing use of digital payments has made it easier for customers to make payments from home. He said, “We are pleased to be able to connect Esewa, a large payment network, with Foodmandu, which has a large network, as people are increasingly paying for various orders from home due to the Coronavirus epidemic.” It will support the digital campaign. ‘

On the occasion of the collaboration between Esewa and Foodmandu, Foodmandu has announced a discount of 20 percent or up to Rs, 300 on the first order to the customers who pay through Esewa.