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Handsome Hunk, Prashant Tamrakar


Food: I like momo and pizza as occasional meals. The traditional Nepali dish of lentils, rice, and vegetables cooked by my mom is my favorite.

I like the Americano Double Shot and the Himalayan Java is my beloved café as they serve the best coffees there.

Fragrance: When it comes to perfume, I like Fahrenheit.

Ride: I like riding motorbikes. Harley Davidson is my favorite ride. I also like dirt bikes as I am into adventure rides.

Eatery: I like visiting LOD, which is one of the biggest clubs in Asia.  Restaurants Like Sasa, Newa Suli is my go-to place for authentic Newari food. There are also a few restaurants in Bauddha where you can have good quality momos. For the Nepali meal of ‘daal bhat’, I go to Jimbu Thakali. Besides, I like to go to some Korean restaurants as well.

Phone: I am not a gadget freak. I don’t search for high-end phones of particular brands.

Wear: My favorite outfits are slippers, half pants, caps, and sunglasses. The glasses don’t have to be branded. Having lost so many times, I stopped wearing branded glasses. But when it comes to favorite brands, I like Ray-Ban glasses. And a bag is needed. Be it any bag but it has to be a backpack. Basically, I like to wear Nepali brand clothes, such as Juju Wears.

Destination: The place I have visited the most is Pokhara which is also one of my favorite destinations. I prefer traveling on road to the air. I like long drives and stopping by local tea shops along the way. I like village life more than city life. I like to spend time in rural areas. People there are welcoming and are more honest than in cities.