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Heritage Pageants 2023 completes, Venezuela and Japan bagged the titles

An international beauty pageant named as Heritage Pageants 2023 completes. Showcased in a spectacular way at ESC PARK Hotel, Bangkok, the event crowned Wuandar Jirleyth Casanova from Venezuela as Mrs. Heritage International 2023 who also bagged Mrs. Personality award. Likewise, Erika Hara from Japan was crowned as Miss Heritage International 2023 who was also successful as Miss Multimedia and Miss Talent.

In the Mrs. category Madeleine Wallgren Vickery from Sweden earned the first runners-up position while Ally Smith Lines from New Zealand was chosen as second runners-up, Dashbaljid Munkzul from as Mongolia third runners-up and Cynthia Kimathi from Kenya was elected as forth runners-up. In the Miss category Tracy Solomon from Nigeria completed the event as first runners-up while Vanelly Ulate from Mexico earned second runners-up position. Prudence Tendwa from Kenya bagged third runners-up and Bela Totrova from Russia finished as forth runners-up.

The event was organized by Eplanet Singapore Pte. Ltd. under the chairmanship of Santosh Sapkota from Nepal and coordinated by Susan Sanferni Koh from Singapore with the support of Fontip Sriwaranyoo, Mrs. Heritage International 2022. The event was been choreographed by fashion choreographer from Nepal Rojin Shakya and stage choreographer from Malaysia Wesley Saw. The event had Benggy Yeong as official photographer, Tinidee Hotel Bangkok Golf Club as official hotel. The event completed with the support Esther Chin, Vendy Hiew, Aashish Kandel, Durga Bishural and Wkhai.

The event was been judged by the panel of jury members that included Artistic Director Bimal Subedi, Founder President of World Beauty Pageants Organization Sani Abi Nader, Mrs. Malaysia Universe 2014 Esther Chin, Mrs. Heritage International 2022 Fontip Sriwaranyoo and Miss Heritage International 2022 Anna Kirillina. The event also incorporated the competition of Plus Heritage, Petite Heritage, Gold Heritage and Heritage Gems.