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Himalayan Art Exhibition Promoting Nepali Art and Artist

The Himalayan Art Festival, which could not start last year due to Covid, has been started this year by adopting safety measures. Launched in 2017 for the promotion of Nepali art and artists, the exhibition is known as the much-awaited exhibition. This year, the name of the exhibition has been changed. The name has been changed to Himalayan Art Exhibition as the festival sounds like a crowd of people, said Coordinator of Himalayan Art Exhibition, Asha Dangol.

Talking to Dangol, he said, “Starting from 2017, not only in fine art, we used to do various activities in the form of fairs like Art Talk, Children’s Art Workshop, Theater Performances, Artists’ Performances, Kathak Dance Performances.” We pay attention to the exhibition especially to the sales ahead of Dashain. ‘ We started working on this concept.

Due to the lockdown, we could not do this last year. This year has started the exhibition by taking risks. This year it has been done not as a fair but as an exhibition. Contemporary painting, sculpture art, paua art, Ceramic, printmaking, and photographs, these six different Genre has been listed this year, said Dangol.

A total of 200 works by 65 Nepali artists are currently on display. The exhibition is being held at Nepal Art Council Baber Mahal from August 30 to September 5. Himalayan art is like an awaited festival for many artists. But this year has not been able to sell more art than before. Twenty-five arts have been sold in the six-day exhibition. The number of visitors to the daily exhibition is huge. Most of the younger generation seemed to be attracted to the exhibition. They come to take pictures and make Tiktoks.