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“I am thinking of come up with apparel designs related to lifestyle”

Radha Dhakal Sapkota

Eagle Eye Fashion House

  • How long have you been a professional designer? Your earliest design memory?

I am in the field of fashion designing for over last one decade. I am from Gorkha district, a place which is still underdeveloped. Before coming here, I even didn’t know about fashion designing and had no idea that I can build an excellent career or business after studying it. It took some time for me to find out that you can make money by opening boutiques and creating new designer wears. It has been 12 years since I opened the boutique.

  • For you, what is favorite part of being a fashion designer?

The favorite part is playing with colours on the apparels. Life is a colour, as it is. The seasons are colorful, the nature is colorful and the clothes we wear are also colorful. We have different colours of life and clothes are also related to colour. So, this work has been a favorite job for me. We can design clothes of celebrities and well-known individuals, and this is also the field where we can earn money and have fun working.

  • Your personal and professional inspirations.

There was no such thing as inspiration for me in the beginning. All I could remember is I liked to wear clothes with unique designs. When I made some enquiry about such clothes, then found that the apparels were made by designers and that designer wears are expensive. Then I began to ask myself why I should not work to create designer wears. I didn’t enter this field by following a certain designer. Since my childhood, I was fond of new designs and wanted to have new clothes; I just used to be curious to know where the designs come from.

  • What keeps you up-to-date in terms of latest design and fashion trends?

Some apparel designs come as an influence and some designs come on seasonal basis. Similarly, some clothes need to be designed as per the figure of the wearers. In order to bring a new trend, we need to know how to make the new designs popular before launching in the market. You need to know what kind of fabrics are available in the market. When it comes to creation, when we look at the figure of the model, what kind of dresses are popular in the international market, there is a little bit of influence. In the same way, we don’t need to copy it, but we need some influence.

  • What is special about your new/upcoming design?

Now I am thinking of come up with apparel designs related to lifestyle. I am thinking of making designs that can be used in daily life. Now I am thinking of promoting all Nepali clothes in the design of the upcoming dress. And in my Laugh Style Dijan, there are Dijans of my life that promote single women and Dalits. I am working to promote ethnic and single women through my organization called Hatemalo. In the same way, I am thinking of going to the factory for the garments made from Dhaka and Allo Sisnu and selecting the garments and extracting the different parts of it and promoting it in the country and abroad. Many people living outside Nepal ask us for Nepali Dhaka and other garments. That is why I am thinking of using such Nepali folk products and promoting them abroad.

  • How did you come up with the concept for the new design?

New concepts in design come with the growing customer demand. The second is to modify the trends in the market. New concepts come from color combinations, market demand and new trends.

  • Who are your targeted buyers?

Our targeted customers are all from middle to high classes. Someone wants to have inexpensive dresses, so they could buy two or four-piece. Some people say that even if the design is very good, money is not a big deal. There are two types of people when ordering clothes.

  • Price range…

Price ranges depend on the designs and materials used to create the apparels. For example, kurthas can range from Rs 2,000 to Rs 20,000. Similarly there are saris, ranging from Rs 10,000 to lakhs.