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IAWRT Nepal Chapter to Host 3rd International Women’s Film Festival to Empower Female Directors

In a pioneering effort to support and empower women directors in the film industry, the International Association of Women in Radio and Television (IAWRT) Nepal Chapter is set to organize the 3rd IAWRT Nepal International Women’s Film Festival. Established in 1957, IAWRT serves as the umbrella organization for women journalists associated with radio and television across 54 participating countries.

Having launched in Nepal in 2007, IAWRT Nepal Chapter made history in 2017 by successfully hosting the inaugural Women Film Festival, bringing together nationally and internationally renowned filmmakers. This year’s festival, scheduled for Saturday, Mangsir 9, 2080, will take place at the Nepal Film Development Board hall, featuring films directed by women from various countries, including Nepal.

The festival aims to encourage and showcase the creative talents of thousands of strong women directors in Nepal who face challenges such as societal perspectives, low priority, and a lack of opportunities. The event will also host the IAWRT Nepali Short Movie Competition, with awards presented to the winners.

This initiative reflects IAWRT Nepal Chapter’s commitment to fostering diversity and providing a platform for female directors to shine on the global stage.