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Incomplete story of Prem and Geet calls for another sequel: Prem Geet 3

prem geet 3

The movie ‘Prem geet 3’ is a love story between Prem (Pradeep Khadka) and Geet (Christina Gurung). Prem is the younger son of Yudhveer (Shiva Shrestha), the cruel ruler of the Khajak kingdom, who is born in an auspicious time. A warrior is a ruler who rules over the poor. The poor would have to bring some goods from the fields or some other things to the ruling warriors.

Prem is not interested in all these things, so he falls in love with Geet, a girl who helps everyone in the village since childhood. On the other hand, Aman (Manish Raut), the eldest son of Yudhveer, wants to become like his father and rule over seven villages, the village of Geet. On the other hand, Darabar’s temple mother (Lakshmi Bardeva) is repeatedly hinting to the king that he is unfaithful to the shrine. She even predicted when the king’s two sons were born that the yoga of becoming a king is written only in the destiny of Prem. This is the story of the movie. Prem chooses Rajyoga or Geet love is the main story of the movie.

Prem’s brother Aman, what kind of tactics does he adopt to be the king? This is also shown seriously in the movie. The film also tries to show the coldness that enters Aman’s heart when the warrior supports Prem.

In the movie, Geet is seen as the village god of Satgaun. Everyone in the village trusts and trusts her a lot, but Geet is also the point of hope of the villagers because she can never think that someone has cheated her.

Similarly, Angad (Santhosh Sen), who appeared in the movie in a small role, will surely delight the audience with his action-packed scenes. Angad is Prem’s friend. When Prem is trapped in something then Angad comes to save Prem.

Based on a love story, the acting of Prem in this movie is strong. His performance from the beginning to the end will keep the audience glued to the hall. There is definitely some sloppiness in the dialogue of the movie, but the acting of the characters in the movie has put it aside. The audience will definitely like the romantic scenes of Prem and Geet and the music in the movie.

Actress Cristina Gurung’s acting is not as good as Pradeep Akhadka’s acting. Christina seems to need more hard work. Actor Sunil Thapa, who appeared in a short role, has no room for mistakes in his performance. Similarly, actor Shiv Shrestha’s performance should be called perfect.

The VFX scenes shown in the movie are sure to attract the eyes of the audience. The audience will definitely love the snow falling VFX. Similarly, the VFX of blood used in some of the conflict scenes seems to have been done cleverly. Rajesh Shrestha and Purushottam Pradhan have captured the beautiful scenes of the mountains in their frames in a unique way. The beautiful scenes of Manang will surely bring coolness to the eyes of the viewers. Other actors Pushkar Karki, Jeevan Baral, Jeevan Bhattarai, Lakshmi Bardeva, Maotse Gurung, Prem Puri, Anubhav Regmi have also played important roles in the movie.

Director Sen must have tried hard to make the movie ‘Prem geet 3’ different from other movies and he was successful for a few ten. After watching the movie, many viewers wonder why the director Sen did not finish the movie, is he going to make another sequel?