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June’s Journey: Overcoming Obstacles and Finding Empowerment

Since childhood, we have listened to many types of stories, mostly fairy tales or tales that depict primitive human civilization and struggle through a fictional plot.

Fairy tales or tales passed down from one generation to the next are meant to convey some message and education to present and future generations through the events experienced by the characters. While some of the messages

may seem ancient and superstitious on the surface, changing the perspective of these stories can reveal useful crafts, techniques, and urges. The presented dance drama “June” is also a combination of fairy tales and tales that we have heard since childhood, but it has raised a topic that can be applied to modern society more than fairy tales and tales.

The purpose of the presented dance drama seems to be to redefine female characters who have been marginalized since primitive times. Throughout history, women have been oppressed and exploited, but speaking out against this oppression and exploitation in a timely manner can bring about change, even if it is just a little, as portrayed in the play. The first performance of

this dance drama, produced by Aesthetic Dance Studio in collaboration with Sequel Foundation, was held on the 10th of Chait 2079 at the auditorium of Rashtriya Nachghar. This dance drama will be performed regularly at Mandla Natak House from the 15th to the 24th of Baisakh.

June, who lost her mother at a young age, has to live with her new mother and sister due to circumstances. The process of creating a new family is not easy when personal desires and aspirations are involved. Along with disagreements, persecution, and separation, June embarks on a journey to make her life easier. She overcomes obstacles on this journey with her intelligence and skills, putting herself in a position where she can make her own decisions.

Sanyog Guragai is the playwright and lyricist of the play, while Namrata KC has directed the concept. The play is produced by Somnath Khanal. Salin Magar and Shashwat Shrestha have composed music for the play, set design by Rajan Khatiwada, set construction by Hum BC, Mani Kulung Rai, and Roshan Lohorung Rai, light design and operation by Ingihopo Koinch, golden costumes by Sanjita Parajuli and Adrisha Chaudhary. The drama features Mrinal Shrestha, Pranesh Shrestha, Manisha Basnet, Melissa Ghimire, Nicole Shreya Tamang, Ganesh Shrestha, Anu Gautam, Kunti Simli, Rizwan Thapa, Anish Pudasaini, Gyanu Lama, Anami Bohora, Priyanka Chamlagaiin, Dilasha Gurung, Sharmistha Das, Sujata Das, and starring Srishti Das and Drishti Dahal. The performance of all the actors in the dance drama is commendable. Director KC’s direction leaves no room for error. He has honed his skills in the right way in this drama.