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“Kayo was born to show the youth that handicraft is a good profession and there can be innovation.”

Tell us something about Kayo Creative Studio.

Kayo is a handicraft company. We are working on producing handicraft, be it metal, wood or paper. With a lot of focus on cultural preservation, re-modifying the same old design architects and making new versions, Kayo is selling its products. It has been producing and selling handicraft items for 3 years now. Our main objective is to promote Nepali handicraft in the global market.

How did you come to the market as a young entrepreneur?

Our families have been in the field of handicraft for generations and are still carrying on with traditional handicraft. After observing that traditional handicraft has not been able to make a leap and that we need a change and bring innovation in terms of doing business, we came up with a new platform converging these two factors, and the result is KAYO.

Handicraft is no longer an attractive profession for youths of new generation and only a very few are interested to carry on with their family business. Despite the rich history of handicraft industry in Nepal, the country has not been able to benefit from it. The veterans couldn’t build the platform, they couldn’t make it a good profession, so the newcomers couldn’t show their creativity. To fill these gaps, Kayo was born to show the youth that handicraft is a good profession and there can be innovation.

How are you struggling to get established in the market?

We are still in the struggling phase. We haven’t been able to get what we thought previously. In fact, struggling in business is never over. Even big companies face several challenges along their way. Struggling happens even when doing something new and bringing innovation. Rather than looking at the competition in the market, we need to take it a step further.

What kind of handicraft items do you create from here?

We don’t have specific things. We are moving on to establish the concept of a creative studio. We mostly work in jewelries of silver, brass accessories, wooden items, exclusive sumoners and gold Items.

How is the market demand of jewelries that your company produces?

The demand has grown significantly in the recent years. It is because now when you look at the Nepali market, people have become fashionable. If the design is attractive and if it can be made wearable and comfortable, then the market will be very good. If we look at our culture, if we look our history, we are already fashionable. Because we are culturally rich in jewelry and clothing, we can capture new trends quickly in the market.

How are you coming up with new designs?

Right now, we haven’t come up with our own design. Only a few items are being produced. Basically, our work is based on customisation.

Who are your targeted customers?

Looking at the past 3 years of our business, we are more focused on the youth.

What is the price range of Kayo products?

Prices of our products vary according to the design and materials used. Generally, product pricing starts from Rs 1,000.