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Khukri Rum to Run Special Music Campaign Across the Country

Khukri Rum is going to launch a special musical campaign in different parts of the country to give a chance to the artists to perform in the emerging artists in collaboration with the famous musical group.

Recently, Khukri Rum, in collaboration with an arbitrary group popular among the youth, has launched a special musical campaign with the objective of providing a platform for the promotion of new artists in different parts of the country.

Khukri Rum is preparing to organize musical programs by selecting restaurants, clubs, open areas, outdoor, indoor, and other places in different districts of the country.

A Large-scale program is being organized with the objective of introducing new music artists to the audience across the country and encouraging them and also promoting Nepali songs and music.

Artists affiliated with Arbitrary will perform in different parts of the country. Arbitrary has started its biggest ever campaign related to music in the country from Friday.