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Khuwalung staged at Mandala Theater


The staging of the play ‘Khuwalung’ started at Mandla Theater. ‘Khuwa’ means river water and ‘Lung’ means stone. ‘Khuwalung’ is considered a symbol of culture. As many stories as there are about ‘Khuwalung’, they all have their own rhythms. They have developed their own ways of being told orally.

In its stories, many sub-stories are added with anecdotes to make it exciting. Though different languages ​​and communities tell their own stories, they have been adopted with the same common psychology as faith and belief. Rai, Limbu, Yakkha, Sunuwar, Thami, Jirel, Surel, etc. castes have established ‘Khuwalung’ due to some story. Khuwalung is the foundation of cultural beliefs and practices. The drama ‘Khuwalung’ is the story of the human civilization that developed while following the source of the rivers that merge into the Triveni with Khuwalung as a witness.

Rajan Mukarung has written the play directed by actor Kiran Chamling Rai, who gained fame with the plays Jokhana’ and ‘Lato Pahad’. Pashupati Rai, Manang Lavati, Ingihopo Koinch Sunuwar, Sanyog Guragain, Anu Thapa, Savina Thapakshetri, Pratish Gurung, Deepa Suhang Limbu, Mani Kulung Rai, Manhang Lavati, Yuvahang Rai, Vedan Rai, Savina Thapa, Sara Lohorung Rai, Roshni Syangbo, There are 30 actors including Suraj Yadav, Ramila Moktan, Vinod Prakash Dhami. The two songs used in the play are composed by Swapnil Smriti and Rajan Mukarung. The play will be staged till 29th July.