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Kick Lifestyle’s Sub Brand NEKXA Launches 3 Innovative Products on Daraz

In a groundbreaking move, Kick Lifestyle, Nepal’s fastest-growing tech accessory brand, has unveiled its sub-brand NEKXA, along with the release of three cutting-edge products. Founded on 18th July 2023 by the visionary 19-year-old Nepali entrepreneur Kumod Begwani, Kick Lifestyle has rapidly ascended to become the leading earbuds brand in the above 3000 segment on Daraz, a significant milestone in the nation’s tech industry.

With a commitment to delivering unparalleled value and innovation, Kick Lifestyle has not only captured the market but also elevated Nepal’s stature on the global stage with its revolutionary products. The introduction of NEKXA marks another stride in this journey towards excellence.

NEKXA’s latest offerings cater to diverse consumer needs, each designed to provide exceptional functionality and performance at competitive prices. Among the trio of products is the NEKXA NEBULA Amoled Watch, which stands out as Nepal’s most affordable premium Amoled smartwatch, boasting a spacious 2.01-inch AMOLED display. Packed with essential health features including SPO2 monitoring, heart rate sensor, and various sports modes, the Nebula Amoled Watch is crafted from durable Zinc Alloy and offers IP67 dust and water resistance, ensuring reliability in any environment. Remarkably, all these features are available at an incredibly affordable price of just NRS 3199/-.

In addition to the Nebula Amoled Watch, NEKXA introduces two innovative earbuds models that redefine the audio experience for consumers. The NEKXA Buds X10 ANC sets a new standard with its 30dB active noise cancellation capability, enabling users to immerse themselves in their favorite music without distraction, all for the attractive price of NRS 2199/-. Meanwhile, the NEKXA Buds Z10 takes the lead with its impressive 45ms segment leading low latency mode, ensuring seamless audio transmission for gaming and multimedia experiences, priced affordably at just NRS 1899/-.

By launching these groundbreaking products, Kick Lifestyle and its sub-brand NEKXA continue to demonstrate their unwavering commitment to innovation, affordability, and quality. As Nepal’s tech industry flourishes, these initiatives not only meet the demands of consumers but also propel the nation towards greater recognition in the global market.

The release of the NEKXA product lineup on Daraz further cements Kick Lifestyle’s position as a pioneer in the tech accessory space, setting new benchmarks for excellence and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the industry. With a relentless pursuit of innovation and a dedication to customer satisfaction, Kick Lifestyle and NEKXA are poised to shape the future of Nepal’s technology landscape, one groundbreaking product at a time.