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Kiran art adorning the walls of Siddhartha

The famous painter Kiran Manandhar’s paintings are on display at the Siddhartha Art Gallery located in Babarmahal, Kathmandu. The exhibition, which was inaugurated on Sunday, will remain in the exhibition for about a month. Manandhar has presented his unique style in the exhibition named ‘Samarpan An Exhibition of Painting by Kiran Manandhar’. Manandhar who has always been drawing pictures based on life experience and love and compassion, has presented this time an art about his faith, devotion, dedication and deities.

Manandhar says, ‘I have tried to depict the various forms of Gods and Goddesses that come naturally while sitting in front of my canvas, immersing my mind and heart in my creations. I enjoy using vibrant color palettes and interesting strokes to express my feelings and highlight the main fest in my painting. In this exhibition, I have illustrated my way of expression by using bright colors to enrich each of my creations. Each painting is different, with strong textures and colors representing my dedication and dedication – dedication and my emotional connection.”