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Knotcraft Center Organizes exhibition on Promotional art

Nepal Knotcraft Center in collaboration with K.U school of Arts held an exhibition on promotional art to encourage more training of students to become product designers by opening an exhibition at the Siddhartha Art Gallery that focuses on a modern-day use of natural fiber.

Organizer said, Nepal is filled with thousands of skilled weavers utilizing 40 different kinds of natural fibers growing right outside their window. Raw material free for the picking! Easy to prepare and very versatile to utilize, these fibers rake in millions in income in other countries but Nepal is lagging in this development potential because producers are not connected to world markets and current designs.

The focus of the exhibition is on interior decorations for houses, offices, hotels etc.  Featured are panels, wall hangings, accent furniture, ceramics, fiber sculptures, mats and hanging lampshades.  There are lots of innovations to check out. 

K/U is collaborating in this venture with the Knotcraft Center and looks forward to exploring all other craft skills that our ancestors left for us to further develop the soul of our culture.  We need new-generation designers to do this, said organizer. 

The exhibition is open till June 10, from 11am to 5pm at Siddhartha Art Gallery Babarmahal.

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