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Kotheys by the Pond

Kotheys is a new fast-food outlet in Patan that has already garnered a crazy fan following. How crazy? We had to wait 45 minutes for a serving of the eatery’s signature Kothey Momo. Until then, we strolled around the Jug Madu Pokhari, better known as Pimbahal Pokhari, had some machine brewed tea at Dip in Donuts, and tried their classic homemade chips.

After all the strolling, it was finally time… or so we thought. But, Kotheys had us wait another 15 minutes before bringing in our order of Kothey momos.

What to eat: We tried other momos and spicy buff noodles. If you asked me, I’d suggest the eatery be a tad generous on the meat. However, the crunchy base of the dumplings kind of made up for the lack. The spicy noodles were spicy; don’t dare if you can’t handle the heat.

Ambiance: Kothey’s has a cozy ambiance. The eatery has two seating spaces — one on the ground floor and the other on the first floor of the same building. The ground floor is adorned with crafts with a big wooden mask as the centerpiece. You can choose the low seating or sit on the high stools by the window.

What else to try: Crispy Chicken Roll, Spicy Sausage Aaloo, Chinese Soup Momo

Location: Pimbahal, Lalitpur
PRICE(Kothey Momo): NPR.120
PARKING: Street Parking

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