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Kul Acharya: A Visionary Businessman and Philanthropist Promoting Nepal Worldwide

Background and Leadership Roles

Kul Acharya, a distinguished businessman and philanthropist, has made significant contributions to the Nepali community in the United Kingdom. He assumed the role of President of the Non-Resident Nepali Association International Coordinating Council (NRNA ICC) in March 2022. Prior to this, he served in various capacities within the organization, including as Central Advisor, Central Vice President, Europe Regional Coordinator, and NRNA UK President.

Kul Acharya

Philanthropic Initiatives

During his tenure as the President of NRNA UK, Acharya played a pivotal role in establishing a birthing center in Jumla in collaboration with the Naples Nursing Association. This birthing center has been instrumental in saving the lives of numerous mothers and babies by providing essential delivery services. Additionally, Acharya has extended financial support to schools in the Nawalparasi district, furthering his commitment to education and healthcare in Nepal.

Kul Acharya

Economic and Social Impact

Kul Acharya’s commitment extends beyond philanthropy. He actively works to boost employment and attract investment in Nepal. He has invested in various sectors, including banking and hydroelectricity, and is a board member of NRN Infrastructure and Development Company, an organization established by non-resident Nepalis.

Kul Acharya

Preserving Cultural Heritage

Acharya’s passion for social work dates back to his childhood. Furthermore, he supports various organizations, children’s homes, and elderly care facilities in the UK and Nepal.

Kul Acharya

Global Outreach and Humanitarian Efforts

Acharya’s endeavors also focus on preserving the Nepali language, culture, and civilization, as well as connecting the second generation of Nepalis with their roots. In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Nepal in 2015, he mobilized substantial aid, including millions of rupees from non-resident Nepalese and European organizations. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he facilitated the transportation of vital oxygen concentrators from the UK to Nepal and organized the repatriation of stranded Nepalese abroad.

Business Success and Employment Opportunities

In the UK, Kul Acharya is recognized as a successful entrepreneur, with his ‘Holy Cow’ brand providing employment opportunities to numerous Nepalis and individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Vision for the Future

Acharya’s goal is to tirelessly serve his homeland. He actively pursues the implementation of non-resident Nepali citizenship and the establishment of a social security fund in collaboration with the Nepal government. He states, “Service to the motherland is the main goal of my life.”

Kul Acharya

Key Achievements in the 2022-23 Term

Under Acharya’s leadership, the NRNA ICC achieved significant milestones, including the implementation of non-resident Nepali citizenship after two decades of persistent efforts. The organization continues to advocate for the continuation of Nepali citizenship based on descent. Another notable accomplishment is the initiation of a contribution-based social security program for Nepali expatriates working in Gulf countries, in partnership with the Nepal government.

Challenges and Objectives

The primary challenge for the new leadership is to unite the organization and integrate parallel activities into the mainstream of the union. Key responsibilities include fostering increased investment in Nepal, addressing the issues faced by Nepali migrant workers, and strengthening the connection between the second-generation Nepalis and their homeland. Ultimately, the goal is to elevate Nepal’s reputation globally and contribute to the nation’s prosperity, a vision that Acharya and his team passionately pursue day and night.

Kul Acharya