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‘Kura Bujhna Parchha’ at the top of trending

Last Friday evening, the popular Teej song ‘Kura Bujna Perchha’ has risen to the top of YouTube trending. The music video of the song, which has been made public on the Prakash Saput YouTube channel, has garnered more than 2.1 million views by Monday morning.

Singer / creator Prakash Saput’s composition / music in the song has the voice of singer Shantishri Pariyar and Samikshya Adhikari. The video of the song has also been directed by singer Saput. The video stars Swastima Khadka, Aanchal Sharma, Laxmi Giri, Kalu Rana, Kamala Regmi, Anita Basnet and Sunil BK, Actresses Khadka and Sharma have been presented as the main characters.

Singer Saput is excited after the song came in the first place of YouTube trending. He said that the issue of women’s self-respect and freedom was raised in the song. Last year, Pokhta’s public song ‘Badla Barilai’ also came in the first place of YouTube trending to express various issues of the society in his creations.

The music video for the song has been viewed more than 8.6 million times on YouTube so far. Singer Supat, who was born in Dhamja, Kathekhola Gaonpalika-3 of Baglung, has previously sung songs like ‘Bolmaya’, ‘Galbandi’, ‘Futeka Chura’ and ‘Dohori Battle’.

‘Galbandi’, sung by singer Supat and singer Shantishri Pariyar, has received more than 47.1 million views so far.