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Mount Everest Fashion Runway Season 2 to be Organized

To support the Himalayan community and protect the environment, 8848.86, one dollar one meter has been launched worldwide.

The project is intended to work on issues that are needed in the Everest region. The whole idea is to start a social business where we will do a small business of Mount Everest at a price of US 88 8848.86 and the profits go directly to the needs and requirements of the community said the organizer.

The Mt. Everest Fashion Runway is the world’s most Eco-Sustainable Fashion Show organized by K Films Pvt. Ltd. The organizers are Pankaj K Gupta, Ramila Nemkul and Riken Maharjan.

The initiation will be very helpful for the development of the Khumbu ( Everest Region ) and the Everest Miniature will also act as the merchandise that people will be able to purchase as a reminder of Mt. Everest. It is something that will represent our beloved Mountain as well as our country.

Talking in the press meet, a 20-day event will be held in September 2021. Prince and princess of Tuscany, Italy, will be the guests while some models from Europe have already arrived in Kathmandu. Tented camps will be erected to accommodate the guests and participants which will engage about 300-350 porters and 40 local guides. 

“Everything will be filmed and developed into a reality show for the larger audience,” said Pankj K Gupta. 

Gemologist and CFO of the Fashion Runway, Riken Maharjan, presented the model of the miniature Mt. Everest at the press conference and said, “It will be made of Kyanite, a precious stone. The gem and jewelry industry in Nepal will have new opportunities with this initiative,” he said. 

Climate Change is prominent in the world we live in and we all have to make conscious efforts to minimize our carbon footprints. Along with that, all the citizens of the world must learn to adapt to the changing climate and create a better future for the upcoming generation said the organizer.

The Mt. Everest Fashion Runway will have its ramp atop the Thonak Glaciers, near Cho Oyu base camp, providing a close-up view of Mt Everest and providing a natural background for the Fashion Show

The fashion show’s goal is to raise awareness about global climate change. Kasa will also promote natural and biodegradable fabrics to address concerns such as sustainability and reducing the carbon footprints of the global fashion industry.

The show will be attended by VVIPs from all around the world, as well as international journalists covering the entire event.