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Nazir and Aanchal in Haribansha ‘A Kalu Vena’

Veteran comedian Haribansha Acharya is not only in acting, but now he has been active in singing as well. Another song with Acharya’s voice ‘A Kalu Vena’ has been released. Singer Milan Newar has accompanied him in the song. The song has lyrics and music by Haribansha and is arranged by Kiran Tuladhar.

An attractive video of the song has also been made. Which is directed by Gambhir Bista. The video stars Haribansha Acharya, Nazir Hussain, Aanchal Sharma, and Aryan Kharel.

The choreography in the video, which seeks to show the environment of the village, is also done by Gambhir. The video was shot by Nawaraj Upreti and edited by Bhupendra Adhikari. The video of the song presented by Ghajjab TV has been made public on the official YouTube of Ghajjab TV.