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Near to The City, Away from the Crowed: Dhunkharka Homestay

Kathmandu is known as a busy city. People from different districts come here to pursue their dreams. People have to go to work every day to make a living. Many do not even know where to go. As they have an only one-off day a week. You can’t go far from the city. But where is such a place near Kathmandu?

Dhukharka is about 40 km from Kathmandu. If you are going by your own vehicle, the journey is about 2 hours. Even if there is some off-road, after reaching that area, your fatigue will disappear. After passing through Bhaktapur, Banepa for Panauti, you can reach Dhukharka in about 30 to 40 minutes from Panauti. The place is cool even in hot weather, away from the dust and crowds of Kathmandu.

Dhukharka is also cheap in terms of budget. Dhukharka has a homestay to welcome you there. He is always ready to welcome you with the feeling of pure village air and water, good shelter, and delicious food.

Kiran Basnet, who hails from Tebahal in Kathmandu, moved away from the crowd of Kathmandu looking for a quiet place. And for the past 5 years, he has been running Dhunkharka Homestay in that place. After reaching that area, various other activities can also be done. The place is also delightful for those who are interested in hiking.